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In ministry, you can sometimes find yourself in a place where you are trying to accomplish much for the kingdom of God, without the power of God.  For the last three years, the ReFRESH® conference has been a place where I have been able to re-focus my heart’s affection and my mind’s attention on our mighty God and once again proclaim my utter dependence on Him.”

Mark Messick
First Baptist North Mobile


Thanks for hosting an amazing conference that is designed and constructed with such a strong foundation of prayer. ReFRESH® is a unique conference because it strengthens our personal relationships with the Lord. A revival of our churches has to begin in each of our hearts and it’s truly refreshing that Sherwood cares so deeply about its members and also about reaching out beyond its walls. It was the third time I’ve travelled from Virginia to attend ReFRESH® and I feel more and more like family each year. Thanks for opening my heart to Vance Havner and for the group of godly men you assemble each year to quench our thirst for the Lord and to renew our hearts.”

Ron Barker
Petersburg VA


“We have gone to ReFRESH® the past two years, and each time we have seen God move in power and were loved on by people who deeply cared for us.  We have found that the staff and members of Sherwood are serious about seeking first the Kingdom of God and encouraging ministers who are seeking to do the same.  The worship is great and we have found the level of preaching there to be unparalleled.  I would strongly encourage every minister in America and abroad to go to the conference.”

John Darren Ely
Bryan, Texas


“I wish I could adequately express my appreciation for all that the Lord did in my life at the ReFRESH® Conference.  He showed me that I was a pastor whose “grief” and denial of it had led to the shameful sin of unbelief.  I repented of that sin and truly experienced a personal revival.  When I told our congregation about it the following Sunday, a moving of God began that thankfully is continuing now.  People are coming to the altar before the invitation begins.  Hallelujah!  This pastor is no longer stuck in unbelief!”

Ruffin Snow
Tri-City Baptist Church


“When you gave me the bag of stuff at ReFRESH® (which I am still working on), one set of CDs was Ron Dunn’s “Surviving Friendly Fire”.  I laughed and told Gina that I hoped that didn’t mean that God knew I would need it.  Well, a few weeks later I did need it.  We were on a spiritual high after Refresh and it seemed like the devil was awakened when we got back here.  I pulled out the CD set and listened to each CD at least twice to get the message down. The CDs helped me deal wisely with what I was going through (and still am to some extent).  Soon after I had finished the final CD, I was also presented with two separate opportunities to counsel a couple of college students who each have parents in ministry who are currently experiencing this ‘fire’ from ministers who are over them.  I gave these students the advice I received from Dunn’s message and even sent the set with one student to share with his Dad over the Christmas break.  It was just neat to see how God used the teaching to help me and then also to help others.”

Darren Ely



“God used the ReFRESH® conference to draw me near to Himself. I was weary and needing a fresh touch from the Lord and during the conference God spoke to me and brought refreshing to my soul. I was on my face before God almost every service and it continues now that I am at home.”

Don Andrews
Kansas City KS


“For my wife and me, the ReFRESH® Conference stirred our hearts and blessed us. It did, indeed, ReFRESH® us in spirit and in soul. Frankly, the Sherwood people greatly encouraged us with their prayer, their passion and their kindness.”

Robby Roberson
Grace Place Baptist Church


“The ReFRESH® conference continues to be a valuable source of encouragement to the people in the trenches.  The statistics from Focus on the Family regarding those in the ministry are a bleak picture of the pressures and stress that pastors across America face.  Most pastors and staff have very few people who understand the daily struggles of being in the ministry.  I have attended since the beginning of ReFRESH® in the Smokies, and each year it proves to be a fresh wind in my sails.  Michael and the staff obviously have a heart to invest in those who will lead congregations all over the U.S. and abroad.  Any pastor or staff will be encouraged about how a church in South Georgia is not only impacting their community but touching the world through a vision of producing Christian movies.

“My staff and I were truly encouraged and blessed to hear from God’s men in an hour of seeking wisdom and refreshing.  Again, thank you for making this conference available to people who have the same heart to see Revival come in our day.”

David Barnett, Ed.D.


“Every pastor and his wife needs to attend ReFRESH®.  ReFRESH® is unlike any other conference I have ever attended.  My wife and I were blessed by the genuine worship and Bible exposition.  It was indeed “ReFRESHing” to be able to sit and hear a word from God that was providentially directly to us.  If you can only attend one conference, this is it!”

Joe Carr


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